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Making a Difference!

Ergonomics focuses on optimizing interactions between workers and the different elements in their work environment. It examines humans in their organizational setting from a broad perspective.

Ergonomists take numerous elements into account including physical, cognitive, social and environmental factors. With their vast expertise, they may be variously involved in the assessment, improvement or design of tasks, products, work environments, etc.

Consulting an ergonomist has many benefits:

  • Improve worker health, safety and efficiency
  • Improve employee retention
  • Increase business performance and profitability

Professionals who are Passionate about Health and EfficiencyACE-cmyk-mg-Member-Membre-logo

Our team of qualified ergonomists are registered with the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE) and work in partnership with their clients to produce objective and efficient intervention outcomes. The rigorously monitored process produces real change and significant results.

Ergonomic Services for Businesses

  • Development of pre-employment tests
  • Ergonomic workstation design and set-up
  • Workload and ergonomic risk assessment
  • Customized training
  • Workplace wellness programs incorporating one or more of the following services: consultations, support, establishment of a health and safety committee (HSC), analysis principles, ergonomic risk assessment tools, development of a program of workplace-specific stretching exercises, training for HSC members, etc.

Statistics on the Effectiveness of Ergonomics

Short-term disability

  • Workers participating in a regular physical activity program take 22% fewer disability days per person per year, reducing costs by 34%.

Industrial accidents

  • Workers who are in good physical shape have fewer injuries. When they do get injured, their injuries heal faster, resulting in fewer costs.
  • The number of disability days has been observed to drop by 14% to 25% and the number of accidents by 25%. This results in a 45% reduction in workers’ compensation costs among active employees.

Productivity and absenteeism

  • Numerous businesses have reported that physical activity programs have reduced absenteeism by 20%.
  • Physically active employees take 27% fewer sick days.

BC Hydro’s sick leave costs dropped by $ 1.2 million following the introduction of an active living program.

For more information and other examples, visit the Group for Prevention and Promotion Strategies website.