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Doctors When You Need Them!

Does your problem require physiotherapy or occupational therapy as well as an ongoing medical follow-up?

If so, we would be pleased to recommend a general practitioner who works in collaboration with us. The doctor will be able to assess your condition and to provide the necessary care for your recovery.

Working with Specialists

If your problem proves more serious, it may be necessary to consult a specialist such as a neurologist, orthopaedist or rheumatologist.

Whether it is for an assessment or for a potential surgery, it is important for us to assure that the appropriate specialist takes care of your condition to make sure it improves as soon as possible.

Health: it’s a team effort!


Problems treated
Problems related to the knee

Fractures, Injury caused by running, Joint pain, Osteoarthritis and arthritis, Patello-femoral syndrome, Preoperative and postoperative issues, Sprain and strain

Problems related to the shoulder

Bursitis, Capsulitis, Joint pain, Osteoarthritis and arthritis, Tendinitis