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Restoring Balance and Mobility

Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy designed to restore the mobility of muscles, tendons, ligaments and fasciae. It also seeks to restore the balance between the different parts of the body and to normalize body functions.

A variety of manual tests and palpations are used for evaluation and treatment. Special attention is paid to the mobility and functioning of different body structures

You may benefit from osteopathy if:

  • You have suffered a physical injury, or been in a work, traffic or sports accident
  • You suffer from a chronic disorder such as osteoarthritis, sciatica, neuralgia, dizziness, headaches, etc

Your osteopath will try to identify the often long distant origin of any sequence of blockages responsible for your problem.


Problems treated
Problems related to à l'ankle

Fractures, Injury caused by running, Preoperative and postoperative issues, Shortening of calf muscles and of the Achilles tendon in children, Sprain and strain

Problems related to the forehead

Cephalgia and migraines, Congenital torticollis in children, Developmental delays in children, Dizziness, Jaw issues and TMJ, Plagiocephaly, Vertigo, Visual-perceptual-cognitive issues or dyspraxia

Problems related to the knee

Fractures, Injury caused by running, Joint pain, Osteoarthritis and arthritis, Patello-femoral syndrome, Preoperative and postoperative issues, Sprain and strain

Problems related to the lower back

Disk herniation, Low back pain, Lumbar and back sprain, Muscular pain, Sciatic nerve issues

Problems related to the neck

Cervicodynia, Fibromyalgia, Muscle tone issues in children, Torticollis, Whiplash injury

Problems related to the shoulder

Bursitis, Capsulitis, Joint pain, Osteoarthritis and arthritis, Tendinitis

Problems related to the wrist

Carpal tunnel syndrome, Osteoarthritis, Sprain, Strain, Tendinitis