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+1 (514) 990 9299

Physiothérapie Universelle is launching its telerehabilitation program!

What is telerehabilitation?

Telerehabilitation is a way to offer rehabilitation services remotely using information and communication technologies. Thanks to our telerehabilitation platform, our professionals are able to advise, assess your condition, and follow your progress on a day-to-day basis, all in the comfort of your own home, while minimizing the risks of COVID-19 transmission.


What needs can telerehabilitation help with?

1. Musculoskeletal pain;

2. Joint stiffness, muscle weakness, lack of strength, balance issues, vestibular problems;

3. Mental health issues;

4. Obtaining an at-home exercise program;

5. Follow-ups for an existing condition;

6. Obtaining an assessment of your physical condition.

What services are currently available in telerehabilitation?

Occupational therapy


What types of conditions can be served by telerehabilitation?

1. Workplace injuries (CNESST), known and new conditions;

2. Road accident injuries (SAAQ), known and new conditions;

3. Private clients

What can you expect from our professionals during your telerehabilitation session?

1. Discussion of your current condition

2. Assessment or diagnosis of your condition

3. Explanation of the causes of your condition or your pain, as well as possible solutions

4. Proposal of an action and treatment plan

5. Implementation of an at-home exercise plan

6. Assessment of your work or home environment

Voilà! You’re now ready for your 1st telerehabilitation appointment.

Leading up to your appointment, we will confirm that you have access to a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.

***Some exceptions apply for different operating systems and mobile device versions***

How to book a telerehabilitation appointment

1. Call us directly at 514 990.9299

2. Fill out a request via our online form

3. Include “Telerehabilitation Appointment” in the subject line

4. A member of our network of professionals will contact you in the following 24 to 48 hours to confirm your appointment and to explain the procedure for connecting to our telerehabilitation platform

BOOK A TELEREHABILITATION APPOINTMENTPhysiothérapie Universelle is dedicated to offering quality services. This is why we have put together a committee charged with managing the various means of telerehabilitation.

We are also committed to ensuring the security of your information when using our telerehabilitation platform.

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Not sure you are covered by private insurance?

The decision to reimburse physiotherapy sessions offered through telerehabilitation rests with the private insurance company according to the contractual agreement made with the insured.

Physiothérapie Universelle encourages you to contact your insurer to determine whether telerehabilitation is covered by your plan.