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When required, our occupational therapists can visit the workplace to conduct a complete evaluation of the individual’s work environment. The evaluation, which is carried out in the presence of the worker and the employer or his representative, helps identify the actual physical requirements of the job, as well as which accommodations can be made and which duties are problematic. To do so, the occupational therapist performs a situational analysis of the worker in his or her work environment to ensure that all aspects of the position are assessed.

Once the workplace evaluation has been completed, the occupational therapists can make recommendations with respect to either the individual’s rehabilitation or return to work. The evaluation facilitates the rehabilitation process and eventual return to work.


Pain or health problems may be the result of a problem with the individual’s workstation itself. In such a case, our professionals can visit the workplace to carry out an ergonomic evaluation of a worker’s workstation. The evaluation will include a detailed comprehensive analysis of the situation in order to adapt the work, tools and working environment to the worker’s specific condition.


When a job has various procedures that are likely to adversely affect the chances of an individual’s return to work, a comprehensive evaluation of the procedures may be performed by our occupational therapists to reduce the chances of a relapse.

Our health professionals have the knowledge required to intervene directly in the workplace to facilitate the workers’ return to work.