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2035, Ste-Anne Avenue, office 202

J2S 5H3, St-Hyacinthe


Our clinic is located in the same building has many professionals offering services of urgent care, podiatry, surgery, chronic disease monitoring, and more. Our experts are providing solution to heal with our specialities in physiotherapy, ergotherapy, and osteopathy.

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Every single one of you has been welcoming, attentive, present, sensitive and cooperative. You have also demonstrated professional competence, generosity in explaining things and in answering questions and patience with a patient who sometimes feels lost.

Jacques L.,

I would like to thank Francine, the administrative assistant of Physiothérapie Universelle in Vaudreuil, for her excellent work. When we enter the lobby, she greets us with joy and a her beautiful smile. She inquires about our health and makes us feel special. This contributes to the wonderful ambiance of this clinic. Francine’s excellent work must be acknowledged. And what can I say about the physiotherapist who treated me? Alexandre is very professional and excellent.

Louise B.,

A very special thanks to the Réadaptation Universelle team in Brossard. I chose this clinic for the specialized training in intramuscular stimulation of Ms. Danielle Richer, physiotherapist. She provides very professional services. Ms. Richer listens and is sensitive to our pain. I also appreciated her efficiency and her explanations as to why certain treatments and exercises are necessary.

Manon P.,

It is important to be surrounded by competent people who, like you, believe in our recovery. That’s what I did by choosing the Physiothérapie Universelle clinic on Fleury. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the physiotherapists, the rehabilitation therapists, and the secretary, as well as all those who encouraged me.

Maria D.A,

The professionals of Physiothérapie Universelle have advised and supervised me within a rigorous program that used modern equipment and that was adapted to my work-related needs. Thanks to them, I’ll be able to return to work sooner. Thanks again to the centre and its employees. I wish you the best of luck!

Pascal L.,

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