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Running is becoming more and more popular! An increasing number of people partake in this sport. Unfortunately, it also causes many injuries. It is estimated that close to half of runners will suffer from a running-related injury that will force them to stop their training. However, good understanding of the mechanics of running and of the human body can help reduce significantly the risks of injury.

A specialized and entirely personalized service

Whether you are a beginner runner, are getting back into shape or are trying to improve your running performance, our assessment program is a valuable tool for you.

It includes an evaluation of your muscles, as well as a complete assessment of the way you run by a physiotherapist specialized in running who uses an HD camera and advanced software to perform the analysis. In addition, our team will provide you with all the information you need on this type of training.

Start your running on the right foot! Don’t miss out on this valuable program, which will be a great use to you for many years to come.

Our running techniques program includes the following:

  • An assessment;
  • An analysis of running techniques;
  • A muscular evaluation;
  • New trends;
  • Advice and recommendations;
  • Help with selecting shoes;
  • Specific exercise program focused on the muscular evaluation; and
  • A personalized progressive training program.


Problems treated
Problems related to à l'ankle

Fractures, Injury caused by running, Preoperative and postoperative issues, Shortening of calf muscles and of the Achilles tendon in children, Sprain and strain

Problems related to the knee

Fractures, Injury caused by running, Joint pain, Osteoarthritis and arthritis, Patello-femoral syndrome, Preoperative and postoperative issues, Sprain and strain